heritage tea

packaging design for heritage tea

The brief was to create a new upmarket range of tea aimed at people with disposable income who spend more on what they eat and drink if they think it’s top quality and good for their health – mainly young professionals. It will be bought as self-purchase or gift, therefore the packaging must look very attractive.After researching current tea available on the market, I discovered that most are aimed at a more mature audience and companies are yet to capitalise onto the current trend of younger tea drinkers.

With this information I set out to design a range of tea that would appeal to a younger audience but still had a vintage feel. To achieve this I used bright colours, classic design and modern fonts.I used brown boxes for the packaging because they have a similar look to the wooden boxes used for vintage wines. This helps to give the product a high end feel and stand out as a top quality brand.

International Creativity 43rd Print & Packaging Awards –¬†Gold Award, 2013 HOW International Design Awards –¬†Merit Award, ADAA 2013 Semi-finalist